Behind the scenes of the world cup in Qatar

As we all know, there's a big story behind the nomination of Qatar as the host country of the next men's world cup. If you too want to know how this project was made possible, find out in this article.

The genesis of the Qatar World Cup mission

Indeed, as we all know, the record of an African country would be far greater than that of Qatar as the host of the Men's World Cup. However, what astonished the whole world, when finally, it was Qatar which was supposedly drawn. Knowing that Qatar has nothing to do with soccer, not even beach soccer.

To tell the truth, this mission of Qatar to take hostage the organization of the World Cup is a well-tried project, which has been prepared since 2007, especially with the financing of the presidential campaign of Sarkozy. A financing which, officially, was used to mount a coup d'état to overthrow Gaddafi, but which unofficially required numerous counterparts. One of them was to ensure that Qatar could become the next host country of the World Cup, while the country did not even have a stadium at that time.

The perfect setting

For Qatar, the objective is clear, in return for their financing of Sarkozy's campaign, the latter wanted to make sure to get into the good graces of Michel Platini, who is the current president of UEFA and FIFA. However, by agreeing to this condition, Sarkozy had no assurance that Platini would be able to vote Qatar. Finally, a lunch between Sarkozy and Platini was set up, and another lunch between the two and Qatari representatives followed. And the idea of a soccer world cup in Qatar was no longer an idea, but rather a project in progress.

Everything started with the purchase of PSG, followed by the launch of BeIn Sport, and concluded with the purchase of the image rights of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. However, this purchase of rights is added to a clause that offers 100 million dollars to FIFA, if Qatar receives the World Cup 2022.